Super-size Your Retirement Plans Before September 30th

18th Sep 2017


Dedicated Defined Benefit Services | Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor Deadline: 9-30-17

Super-size your clients’ retirement plans by adding a Cash Balance (CB) plan and converting traditional 401(k)s to Safe Harbor 401(k)/Profit Sharing Plans.

Our OwnersPlus(TM) Cash Balance + 401(k) Retirement Program allows qualified professional practices, partnerships and small business owners to make the largest IRS approved tax-deductible contributions – often $150,000 or more – each year.


By designing a combined program, we can maximize owner contributions and tax deductions while controlling contributions on behalf of employees. But the deadline to open a Safe Harbor plan is September 30th for the 2017 tax year. Cash Balance plans can be opened through December 31st.

Safe Harbor plans must be established by September 30, 2017 to realize the full 2017 tax savings potential of the 401(k) plan. Plans that miss the deadline limit participant salary deferrals to 5%. 



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And don’t forget to consider a plan for yourself! If you are self-employed or have an independent practice, you and your team might want to consider upscaling your own plan – about 10% of the plans we open are for Financial Advisors, RIAs, CPAs and Insurance Agencies. Ask us about Professional discounts – available for Financial Advisor plans opened by October 31, 2017. 

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