New Website to Help You Serve Clients Better

28th Nov 2016


Thank you for working with us to offer Defined Benefit and Cash Balance retirement plans to your high-income clients.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve developed a wide range of defined benefit and cash balance materials to help you learn, market, and close these sales. 

Today, we are excited to share our new website at You should be able to access us more easily on all your devices, including mobile and iPads.In addition, you might find new content that can help you explain these plans to prospects and clients.

Here’s a preview of some of the sections. Please take a few minutes to poke around and let us know what you like.



Our New Website Helps Advisors, CPAs Serve Clients Better 

Dedicated DB Website

Defined Benefit Plan Calculator

We continue to offer Proposal Imageour Defined Benefit Calculator to help you quickly generate estimates and proposals to present to your clients. 

See how much you or your client can contribute and save on taxes for 2016

Create a Proposal


Space ShuttleTypical Client Retirement Solutions

We’ve added examples and even a current “Client of the Week” to give you ideas about client situations that are ideal for defined benefit and cash balance plans.


Defined Benefit Plans for Doctors

Defined Benefit Plans for Doctors

Over 20% of our clients each year are doctors. Check out the special considerations for working with doctors in your client base. Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Retirement Plans allow high income self-employed doctors and owners of small medical practices to make the largest IRS approved tax-deductible contributions each year, often $150,000 or more.

Help Your Physician Clients Save on Taxes


Marketing Resources

Order brochures, download white papers, dig deeper.  We have over 50 resources to help you Learn, Market, and Close the Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Sales.

Take a Peek

Marketing Materials for Defined Benefit Plans

Ready to talk?

Our Plan Consultants are ALWAYS AVAILABLE, even on weekends by appointment to help you help your clients.

CALL: 866-269-2706 or  contact us at when you have small business retirement questions, or whenever it’s convenient for you.  

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