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11th May 2018

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High Contribution Defined Benefit & Cash Balance Plans


Dedicated Defined Benefit Services | Sales & Marketing Resources

Dedicated Defined Benefit Services | Sales & Marketing Resources

Now, you can access 50+ marketing tools and learning resources, up-to-date for 2018. 

This year, high income clients are struggling to understand the impact of the new tax law. For high-income small business owners and self-employed clients, making smart decisions about retirement plans can make the difference in whether or not they can take advantage of the 20% deduction for pass-through income.  We have everything you need to show them their retirement plan options.  



Want to Learn?

You can filter resources to help you get up to speed on Cash Balance plans and/or Defined Benefit plans.

Check “Learn” and see materials to help you learn more about the Plans:

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Use these resources to learn about our retirement plans:

Live Demo Presentation Icon Live Demo: “Introduction to Defined Benefit Plans for Business Owners” 
Cash Balance Factsheet Cash Balance Factsheet: “Financial Advisor Program Overview” 
High Contribution Retirement Plans High Contribution Retirement Plans Factsheet: Learn about all the plans Dedicated DB offers 
WhitePaper on Defined Benefit Plans WhitePaper on Defined Benefit Plans: “A Powerful Tax Strategy for High Income Individuals with Self-Employment Income and Small Business Owners”

Ready to Market?

These plans allow clients the highest deductible contributions, in 2017, averaging $140,000+ annually. Share materials with clients who are good prospects for high contribution retirement plans.

Check “Market” in the resource center for materials you can email or send to clients.

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Here is a sample of our materials you can download:

Defined Benefit Plan Client Highlights Defined Benefit Plan Client Highlights: “A Retirement Plan with Huge Tax Savings”
Create a Defined Benefit Plan Proposal Create a Proposal: Give this illustration to your clients
Cash Balance Plan Whitepaper Cash Balance Plan Whitepaper: Learn about all the plans Dedicated DB offers

Resource Types

And, if you know what you are looking for specifically, click on that Resource Type to download the material.

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Dedicated Defined Benefit Services | Order Brochures

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