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10th May 2017

Partner with CPAs
Build a Winning Strategy with CPAs

As you know, CPAs and other tax professionals in your community can be excellent sources of clients with high income who could benefit from your advisory services. Although some CPAs limit their client contact to tax season (when they are too busy to discuss new tax strategies), most want to provide high value. And there is nothing their clients value more than reduced tax liabilities.

Financial Advisors we work with who have successfully built their businesses by partnering with local CPAs offer upscale retirement plans that reinforce the CPAs’ value to their clients. For 2017, the current year tax-savings afforded by Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans can exceed $50,000 to $100,000* in many cases.

Introduce CPAs to retirement programs that can help high-income clients reduce tax liability significantly each year:

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Defined benefit plan for individuals with high self-employment income and owner-only or family businesses


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Cash balance plan + 401(k) for profitable partnerships, small businesses with up to 10 employees

What does it take to gain credibility and the trust of CPAs?

Here’s what these successful advisors have done and a few tools we’ve developed to support you:

  1. Demonstrate expertise and offer resources that the tax professional can rely on
  2. Provide fast, accurate, and attractive retirement plan illustrations
  3. Keep the CPA in primary position

* Based on Dedicated DB’s first year average defined benefit plan contributions.

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1. Build and Demonstrate Your Expertise

Not surprisingly, many Advisors as well as CPAs are unfamiliar with how defined benefit and cash balance plans can work as powerful tax strategies. According to a recent survey, 70% of the advisors and CPAs who have opened DB plans with us had never opened one before! That’s where Dedicated Defined Benefit Services excels.

We have everything you need to become the go-to advisor in your community for these plans.You don’t have to be a retirement plan specialist to succeed; we take care of the technical consulting. You can focus on working with the tax professionals to identify the best prospects.

To support you in building a network of CPAs, we have created flyers, presentations, articles, a training webinar and white papers you can use to get up to speed and share with CPAs.

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2. Provide Fast, Accurate, and Attractive Illustrations

Dedicated Defined Benefit Services is on-call and ready to turn around illustrations almost as quickly as you can provide the client data. For owner-only companies you can run an illustration yourself online. For a company with employees, call 866-269-2706 and we’ll provide a Cash Balance Illustration within 48 hours. We will be with you every step of the way to explain, refine and finalize the plan.


3. Let the CPA Take the Lead

When you feel comfortable with the basics, it’s time to contact the tax professionals. You might start with the CPA of one of your clients who appears to be a good prospect. If you have the Illustration at hand, it’s easy to start the conversation.

Once you have established your credibility by working together to provide the advantages of a defined benefit or cash balance plan to your mutual client, meet with the CPA to review their clients and identify new prospects. Expect the CPA to want to stay in primary position, looking to you to help set up the plan and manage the assets.

Over time, your satisfied clients will consolidate more of their assets with you. It’s worked for other advisors – take a look at some of their stories of success.

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Dedicated Defined Benefit Services provides ongoing sales support and administrative services. We are investment neutral and do not charge asset-based fees. We are here to help.

You provide the investments and money management.

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