How to get CPAs to refer you

24th Aug 2016

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Three Approaches to Winning with CPAs 

Some of the most successful financial advisors we work with have built their businesses through referrals from local CPAs.  What does it take to gain credibility and their trust?  Here’s what we’ve learned and a few tools we’ve developed to help you:

  1. Develop a niche that overlaps with CPA’s objectives – that you can own in your community
  2. Demonstrate expertise and resources that the CPA can rely on
  3. Keep the CPA in primary position

Owning Your Niche 

Advisors with high income clients know they appreciate learning about strategies for increasing retirement wealth and reducing tax liability.  This is particularly what clients expect from their CPAs. But, surprisingly, many CPAs are unfamiliar with using defined benefit and cash balance plans as a powerful tax strategy. 

In our experience, advisors often are the first to introduce the CPA to defined benefit plans. These plans allow qualified high income self-employed and small business owners to make large deductible retirement plan contributions — often exceeding $125,000* each year. Clients who would qualify generally have CPAs and are happy to make the introduction.  

Third quarter is the perfect time to reach out and begin a conversation with CPAs. Since these plans must be opened before the end of the client’s fiscal year, you can help CPAs get ahead of their clients’ 2016 tax issues and build your own business at the same time.

Introduce CPAs to retirement programs that can help high-income clients reduce tax liability significantly each year:


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Defined benefit plan for consultants and professionals with side income

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Cash balance plan for profitable small businesses with up to 10 employees

* Based on Dedicated DB’s first year average defined benefit plan contributions.

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Build and Demonstrate Your Expertise

To support you in building a network of CPAs, Dedicated DB has created flyers, presentations, articles, a training webinar and even the ability to deliver Continuing Ed credit for CPAs. We will be with you every step of the way.

See Marketing Tools for CPA Referrals


CPA Marketing Resources

Let the CPA Take the Lead

Once you have established your credibility by working together to provide the advantages of a defined benefit or cash balance plan to your mutual client, meet with the CPA to review their clients and identify new prospects. Expect the CPA to want to stay in primary position, looking to you to help set up the plan and manager the assets.  Over time, your satisfied clients will bring more and more of their assets to you for management.  


Pick One Client to Estimate Tax Deductible Contribution

Run our Instant Retirement Plan calculator to see how much YOU or Your Client could save on taxes and add to retirement wealth.


Dedicated Defined Benefit Services provides ongoing sales support and administrative services. We do not charge asset-based fees. We are here to help.

You provide the investments and money management.

Please Note Important Deadlines:

  • Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans must be established by the end of your client’s fiscal year, generally December 31.
  • Safe Harbor 401(k) plans plan must be established by October 1.

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