First Time: Cash Balance Brochures for Clients

21st May 2016

Help Your Clients Save and Invest $200,000 More vs. a 401(k)

Clients with profitable small businesses — even businesses with fewer than 10 employees — can now make very large tax-deductible contributions for themselves each year.

If you have clients who are maxing out their SEPs or 401(k)s, look at how much more they could save and invest.

Compare Annual Retirement Plan Contributions*

Cash Balance Chart

*2016 plan maximum contribution limits for a 60-year-old taking $350,000 in W-2 income; includes “catch-up” contribution of $6,000 for 401(k).

How Does It Work?

Our retirement plan consultants can meet your client’s contribution objectives while limiting the cost of employee benefits. To accomplish this, we combine a cash balance plan with a safe harbor 401(k)/profit sharing plan in our easy-to-open OwnersPlusTM Retirement Program.

OwnersPlus is suitable for clients age 40+ with 1-10 employees who want to make large tax-deductible retirement plan contributions for the next several years.

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