Do Your Clients Need More Than a SEP?

19th Jan 2019


Reminder: Do Your Client Need More than a SEP?


Just a quick note to alert you to a way to increase tax savings for your high-income self-employed or small business clients in 2019. Consider recommending a Defined Benefit plan instead of a SEP for clients paying too much for 2018. Here’s how:

Look out for these types of clients when you’re heads down this tax season.

  • High K-1 or W-2 for small S-corp owners (with 1-10 employees) or
  • Schedule C Net Profit (line 31) for sole proprietors which exceeds $200,000
  • SEP-IRA and 401(k) clients who want to contribute and deduct more in 2019

Jot down the names of clients who might qualify. You can circle back after tax time to discuss high contribution retirement plans.

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Karen Shapiro

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