Do You Have Clients in These Stable Professions?

19th Jun 2019


Do you have clients in weatherproof occupations? A powerful tax strategy may be in your forecast. Learn More:

We know that recent media coverage about the economy can scare some clients – and even make them want to put their retirement plans on hold. This comes at a time when tax reform has made high-earning clients even more concerned about their tax returns. In such a stormy climate, we recommend Defined Benefit and Cash Balance retirement plans for your clients in weatherproof occupations. These include professions like doctors, dentists, lawyers, farmers and engineers.

The 3 key benefits of Defined Benefit plans for high-income professionals, who are typically owner-only, owner + spouse or family business, include:

  1. They potentially allow the highest tax-deductible contributions – averaging $100,000+ each year.
  2. They can provide tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings for 2019.
  3. They can help clients build wealth for the future — regardless of the economy or time of year.



Plans for Physicians: An Rx for Tax & Retirement Savings

➤   These plans allow high income self-employed doctors and owners of medical practices to make the largest IRS-approved tax deductible contributions each year — often $150,000 or more. They’re ideal for:
Dentists Endodontists
Psychiatrists Pain specialists
Radiologists Anesthesiologists

Learn How Physicians Can Benefit from a Defined Benefit Plan

Check Your Client List for These Other Stable Occupations

➤   There are many other high-income occupations that will benefit from these plans — any time of year and in any type of economy, including:

      Software Developers 
      And more…


We’re Happy to Help You Identify Qualified Prospects

You can provide high-income clients certainty during uncertain times by recommending a proven tax strategy. Want to talk about a specific client situation? Our DB experts offer concierge services and are available 24/7 by appointment to answer any questions or run custom proposals. Or you can try our Do-It-Yourself Defined Benefit calculator.

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