Did you know that this deadline extension is a game changer?

2nd Feb 2021

What's the #1 question that Advisors ask us about the SECURE Act?


This year is unique for you and your clients. Because of the SECURE Act’s deadline extension, there’s still time for self-employed individuals to open Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans for 2020. Here’s why…The deadline for a business to establish a plan has been extended to a business’s tax filing due date, including extensions.

We’ve recently been getting various questions about how the SECURE Act is affecting clients. Some advisors have asked about changes to minimum distributions and in-service distributions. What’s the #1 question that we’ve been asked about the SECURE Act?

“What is the last day that my client can submit a questionnaire and still adopt a plan for 2020?”

As you can imagine, the answer depends on a variety of factors. Generally we would encourage you to start the process ASAP, because effective plan design takes time. A great place to start is our Defined Benefit plan calculator.



Advisors appreciate that a Defined Benefit plan is a powerful tax strategy that can deepen client relationships each year of the plan. If you have any questions, just ask me or any of our Plan Design Consultants. We’re happy to help and easy to talk to.

Finally, we’re excited to see Dedicated DB featured in this new Forbes article. Check it out. Thanks.

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