Clock is Ticking – Lock in Big 2016 Tax Savings

15th Dec 2016

Quick Adoption for 2016
Defined Benefit Plans

Don’t Delay: December 31, 2016 is Almost Here

Give Your Clients Big Tax Savings in 2016.
Plans Must Be Opened by Year-End.

OnePersonPlus is a Defined Benefit Retirement Plan that potentially can reduce taxable income by $100,000 or more while adding $1-2 million to retirement savings.

It’s not too late to help your high income clients with self-employment income lock in 2016 tax savings and build retirement assets by setting up a defined benefit plan. Plans must be opened by the end of their fiscal year, generally, December 31st.

Special Quick Adoption Process

We can help you make the sale.

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December Only
Quick Adoption Agreement must be signed by 12/31/16. Fund by tax deadline in 2016.


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