Cash Balance Plans at a Glance

21st Jul 2016

Business Team

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Offer a simplified, high contribution retirement program for profitable businesses with 2-10 employees. OwnersPlus combines a cash balance plan with a safe harbor 401(k).

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Who is Eligible?

Professionals, Partnerships and Small business owners with just a few employees, who want to make large tax-deductible contributions – often $150,000+ for themselves, while controlling the cost of covering employees.


Medical Office TeamMedical Practice with 1-10 Employees

Doctor is able to contribute $192,380, or 93% of OwnersPlus contribution, for herself

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Business Partners4 Business Partners, No Employees

Partners want different contributions based on compensation and cash flow

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Examples are based on specific assumptions and used for illustration only.
Can you think of a client who might qualify?
OwnersPlus Program Overview

For You:

Program Overview for Advisors
Learn more about the advantages of cash balance plans for you.
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For Your Clients:

OwnersPlus Brochure

Client Brochures
Introduce cash balance to your clients in layman’s terms. Request brochures at no cost – we’ll drop them in the mail for you this week.Â

OwnersPlusTM works best for clients who:

  • Are age 40+
  • Have profitable businesses with 1-10 employees
  • Want to make larger, tax deductible contributions than allowed in SEP-IRA or 401(k)
  • Expect to have the cash flow to make contributions for 5+ years
  • Are willing to make limited contributions on behalf of employees

Have a prospect?

Request an Illustration to estimate your clients’ contribution for themselves and their employees, tax savings, projected accumulation, and annual benefit at retirement.

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To learn more about how OwnersPlus works or who’s eligible, please visit our website.

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