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8th Nov 2016

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Offer Significant Tax Savings to High Income Clients

Incomes areGrinning Old Business Man soaring for many self-employed individuals and small businesses at the high end of your client base and in your community. These clients are not thinking about DOL rules; they’re concerned about tax bills. It’s not too late to reach out and introduce them to high contribution retirement plans that will allow them to defer $40,000 to over $100,000 in 2016 tax liability. 

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Quickly calculate the 2016 maximum contribution and tax savings for your high income clients.

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Dedicated Defined Benefit Services specializes in defined benefit plans (for owner-only and family businesses) and cash balance plans (for businesses with 1-10 employees). We’ll guide you to the best retirement plan solution for your high income clients.  You identify the prospects and manage the investments.  And, with such high tax savings, you don’t have to promise high yields.

Which of these sounds like one of your clients?

Client 1

Retired executive who is consulting full or part-time, even at age 70. We can design a plan to postpone RMDs for 3 years.


Client 2

Physician or Dentist, age 40+ and is ready to build their retirement wealth as they lower their taxes.


Client 3

Business owner within 5-10 years of retirement – give them a call now to help them pull some of the capital out tax deferred.

Take a look at our typical clients. This year we have heard from bee keepers and celebrity chefs,  consultants, property managers, and of course, physicians who have high earned income that currently is not covered by a tax-advantaged retirement plan. And 15% of our plans each year are opened by financial advisors and CPAs for themselves. 

Which of your clients with self-employment income would want to increase their retirement wealth as they lower their tax liability annually, beginning in 2016? In general, OnePersonPlus DB plan contributions are new assets each year for you to manage.  

Help Your Client Hold onto another $2.5 MM before they retire.

Three questions to start the conversation:

  1. Would you be interested in saving more for retirement if you could take a larger tax deduction?

  2. Do you have W-2 or 1099 income in 2016 that is not currently covered by an employer-sponsored retirement plan?

  3. Do you plan to work at least another 3-5 years?

Download a script for talking to clients about DB plans and order 10 DB client brochures at no charge to mail to interested clients. Need additional marketing tools? Call 

 and we’ll take care of you.

Dedicated DB gives you the tools, training, and confidence to open DB plans now and gather these assets in 2016. Check out what we have.

              1. For You               

Download Call Script

Call Script

           2. For Your Client           

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OnePersonPlus is a Defined Benefit Retirement Plan that has the potential to allow annual deductible contributions of $100,000+ for qualified Professionals, Consultants, Small Business Owners and Individuals with Self-employment Income.


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Custom Proposals or Questions:

Follow Our 5-Step Sales Plan:


Prospect for DB Clients: We can help you identify prospects among your clients and in your community.


Begin the Conversation: Make your case with the right sales tools: sample letters, presentations, brochures. Need training? Click here.


Present a Proposal: Try a personalized proposal for one client right now. The tax savings will say it all.


Contact Dedicated DB: Our defined benefit specialists can help close the sale.


Gather Assets: Open plans now for 2016 tax savings. Gather up to 50% of the contribution right away.

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