Brochures for 4th Quarter Asset Gathering

27th Oct 2016

Which of Your Clients Would Benefit from Cash Balance or Defined Benefit Plans?

Offer high income clients and prospects the potential to add $100,000 or much more to their retirement savings by making large deductible contributions annually to these IRS-approved plans. These plans must be opened by the end of the fiscal year, generally, December 31st.  In most cases, contributions are new assets for you to manage.

  • Owner-only and family businesses

  • Large deductible contributions averaging $125,000 annually

  • Open platform for investments

  • Requires annual contributions

  • Can be combined with OnePerson(k) to increase  total contribution and flexibility

  • Business owners with 1-10 employees

  • Large deductible contributions for owners, up to $200,000 or more

  • Contributions for employees are limited and controlled

  • Open platform for investments

  • Requires annual contributions

  • Combines cash balance with a 401(k)/profit sharing plan to maximize retirement savings


We’ll send you 10 brochures to mail or hand to your clients or prospects – at no cost to you. 

OnePersonPlus Brochure

The OnePersonPlus brochure compares Defined Benefit to other plans suitable for the self-employed and family businesses. It highlights who is best suited for a DB vs. a one person 401(k).  

Preview Brochure

OwnersPlus Brochure

The OwnersPlus brochure presents the Cash Balance + 401(k) solution for business owners with 1-10 employees to maximize business owner savings.

Preview Brochure



Free Retirement Plan Illustrations and Proposals

Not sure if your client qualifies? Run an estimate yourself online and then give us a call.  We can refine it for you and help you talk your clients through it.

Try Our Defined Benefit Calculator

Download Client Highlights for OnePersonPlus

A one-page overview of a defined benefit program that you can email to clients today

Download Client Highlights


Presentation to share with prospects — Customize these PowerPoint slides to present to clients and prospects

Whitepaper — Review this Defined Benefit whitepaper and add your contact info to forward to your clients.

Illustration Request Form — If your client has numerous employees, complete this census for a  custom illustration

For more brochures or additional information, please contact our marketing department at or call 1-866-269-2706 for sales support.


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