Are your clients ready for the new Tax Law?

28th Jun 2018

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Are Your Clients Ready For The New Tax Law?

The New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) impacts many major tax deductions that your small business and high income self-employed clients may have previously used to reduce taxes.

The good news is that TCJA actually turbo-charges the deductions available with high contribution retirement plans such as Defined Benefit & Cash Balance plans for certain clients.

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“How Do Your Clients Savings Match Up?”

With Our Defined Benefit Calculator, you can create a personalized estimate of tax savings and contribution maximums for each qualified prospect



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Interested In Learning More?

If you have high income self-employed or small business clients who need to reduce taxable income to qualify for the Section 199A 20% deduction, let us show you how a Defined Benefit or Cash Balance plan could work.

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