2-minute Calculator: You Can Compare Defined Benefit Plan vs. SEP for Doctors?

9th Sep 2019


Right now the expectation of falling markets is high among financial advisors and CPAs. How can you expand your client base & stay active during uncertain times? Improve your prospecting to Doctors, Dentists and Small Medical Practices – who consistently have high-earning jobs regardless of the economy. These stable, self-employed professionals may be great candidates for a high-contribution retirement plan like a Defined Benefit plan.


Over 20% of our clients work as independent physicians or own small medical/dental practices. Here are some of the advantages of Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans for Physicians:

  • These IRS-approved qualified plans provide for the largest annual contributions to retirement plans, often exceeding $150,000 annually on behalf of the physician
  • All contributions for these plans are tax deductible in the year they are paid
  • Starting as late as age 52, a physician earning $270,000 can accumulate $2.7 million in 10 years

Defined Benefit PlanTHE 2-MINUTE PROPOSAL

Try our Do-It-Yourself Defined Benefit Calculator. In 2 minutes, you’ll have a professional proposal and see how much your client could save on taxes and add to their retirement savings.



Identify doctors who would appreciate a Defined Benefit plan. Physicians in certain specialties are more likely to be self-employed, have few employees, earn high incomes and need tax solutions. Do you know doctors who would appreciate making large deductible contributions each year to an upscale retirement plan? They may include:

• Anesthesiologists • Pain Specialists
• Endodontists • Podiatrists
• ER • Psychiatrists
• Locum tenens • Radiologists  
• Oral surgeons • Plastic surgeons


Have a special client situation or have questions about Defined Benefit or Cash Balance plans? Call us at 866-269-2706. We’re happy to answer any questions. 



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