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Identifying High-Income Self-employed DB Plan Prospects

30th Mar 2015

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We helped a professional like this shelter a lot of income in 2014.

We helped a professional like this shelter a lot of income in 2014.

Based on the plans we set up with our Financial Advisor partners in 2014, we know you probably have DB Plan prospects hiding in your own book of business. Here are just three financial situations we saw in 2014 that should motivate you to make a few phone calls:

  1. Independent Professionals

Every community has self-employed doctors, lawyers, consultants, and CPAs who are making good money — more than they need to live on — and want to save more to reduce their taxes. DB Plans are unmatched in their ability to help such clients amass tax-advantaged AUM quickly.

Use our DB calculator to show them the possibilities. It can determine within minutes whether your client might be able to benefit from opening a DB plan this year. 

  1. Married Couple in Business Together

The “mom and pops” of today includes truckers and market researchers, farmers and pain management doctors. If these self-employed clients want to maximize savings and minimize taxes, they might be able to contribute over $300,000 each year to a DB plan.  These are generally new assets for you to manage, so find out who among your clients fits this bill! 

  1. Clients (or a Spouse) with Second Income

Even highly-paid executives and academics might qualify for a DB plan – if they have a secondary income source not covered by their employer’s plan. We open plans for employees who have side income as independent Board Directors, patent holders, athletes with endorsement contracts, and of course, consulting fees. (We have seen clients put most or all of this supplementary income into a DB Plan.)

Maximizing Success in 2015

We will be sending our roster of advisors updated DB marketing materials this quarter that will help you identify additional prospects who might benefit from these plans. We’re also developing new webinars to help you sell Defined Benefit plans. Meanwhile, check out our website at and our Sales page to find tools you can use right now. 

To run a 2015 proposal, please contact our Defined Benefit specialists at 1-866-269-2706 or complete the Proposal Request Form. We will turn it around for you within 24 hours.

newCalcTogether we’ll meet your clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

We will do everything we can to help you bring in DB sales in 2015.
Call us toll free at: 866-269-2706 or email us at

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