Getting Started

Designed Specifically for You

We start by learning about you and your objectives:

  • Are you trying to maximize your savings and tax deductions or do you have a certain amount you would like to contribute each year?
  • How are you compensated?
  • How long do you plan to keep your business?
  • Is your income stable or highly variable?
  • Do you have or are you planning to add employees?

Once we have the basics, we design a plan and tell you what your annual contribution to a defined benefit plan will be. Your contribution amount is calculated using actuarial formulas along with your age, income, and years to retirement. You can run an estimate for yourself right now.

Opening a Defined Benefit Plan

Once we have a plan designed to meet your objectives, you will complete a Set Up Questionnaire and mail to Dedicated DB with your set up fee. Upon receipt, we will create your legal plan documents and send an adoption agreement to you for signature.

Defined Benefit plans must be established by the end of the fiscal year for your business, generally December 31st.

Opening an Investment Account

Once your DB plan is established and we provide your Trust ID, you can open an investment account at any brokerage, mutual fund company or through a financial advisor. You (and your advisors) select and manage the investments. Dedicated DB does not manage your investments or charge any investment-related fees.

  • We do suggest that you consider investments that are not highly volatile.
  • If you open your account prior to the end of the fiscal year, do not fund more than 75% of the expected contribution until you have final compensation for the year and we have updated your numbers.